Life is full of Surprises

Life is full of Surprises
When do I tweet?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Have you read the owners manual?

Now on my third camping vehicle, started out with a small Mini Wini, then a 35 foot travel trailer, now in a 35 foot class A RV.  Camping is the life, you take you bed with you were ever you go, no more dealing with bug infested, smoke filled, dirty bathrooms hotel rooms.  It has been an experience learning how to drive or tow, and then parking or backing up has been a real learning adventure.

The Mini was only 23 ft long so it was like driving a larger van, no problem on the road or parking in a camp site.  Now the draw backs are it was so small we were always climbing over each other, but you certainly learned how to pack everything into every nook and cranny, the bad thing was if you needed something you would have to unload every nook and cranny to find what you needed.

Decided on getting something bigger and ran into a great deal, someone was selling a 35 ft travel trailer along with a f250 to tow it, now this is scary driving all this vehicle on the highway with other people, ugh!  Well I must have been a trucker in my other life because it wasn't to bad.. Yeah, that's what we all say until you drive on highways with nothing but potholes big enough to send you rolling on your side.. We were taking this monster on a long trip without realizing that we did not have all the parts hooked up to tow this 11,000 pound machine down the highways, we would hit a hole in the road and spend minutes trying to get straight again.  You would get worn out just driving 50 miles on these roads.  Finally we reached the state we were heading to only to get there late at night and get lost for hours even after stopping people to ask where the camp ground is.

Now the fun begins. And I will save this for my next post.  Happy camping

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A funny thing happened on the way to work!

I was driving to work the other morning, it was just cool enough to have the sun roof open and all the windows down.  I drive on a road that during the morning rush you can't pass so I just enjoy the views, the air blowing through the car and the peace.  I was enjoying my drive when all of a sudden I saw this water on my windshield and some came in the sunroof and side window.  I said oh this is great it's raining, oh how we need the rain.  I looked ahead at the big truck in front of me and saw liquid coming from the side of the truck? 
Yep something in that truck was relieving it's self and I was getting it all.  Ugh.  I then thought to myself, as I closed the windows and sunroof, what the heck?  I decided I already got hit by who knows what and there's nothing I can do about it now I just hoped it wasn't a pig.  As soon as we had four lanes I pulled along side the truck and lucky for me it was loaded with cows.
You see I just convinced myself that cows eat grass so when they pee it is only used grass now if it were a pig it would have to be a lot more complex since they eat a little bit of everything. Wait, lets double check this to be certain.
Well I wanted to make sure before I gave the pigs a bad rap and sure enough the research says pigs are cleaner than cows.  The only reason pigs appear to us as nasty and dirty is because their owners make them live in their own filt.  Pigs would rather live in a cleaner enviornment.  Well now it should have been pigs in that truck. 
A good washing and it's all gone but next time let it be turkeys.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Wonderful Duke

We have a Saint Bernard named Duke who passed away this morning.  What a joy and delight to have such a gentle giant with a heart so big that he just loved everyone.  When I started to date my husband I got to meet Duke for the first time, he was so big I shook in my shoes.  He knew it. Slowly but surely I said to myself I had to get to know him and that was really so easy. He liked me right off.  We had an understanding right off and it was smooth sailing from then on.  Well my husband and I moved in together after we married and had to join his two dogs, my two dogs and two cats.  Oh so easy.  Duke said "Oh Well" new digs and I'm happy to be in a home with lots to do.
It was so funny to see him, about 175 lbs of hair, feet and head with a big smile, or at least that is what it looked like to me.  He always seemed to be smiling. Now his roommate before we all joined is a small palmaranian, mine are a setter type and a yorkie.  Just imagine this gang running and playing.  My yorkie loves to run the fence and yelp at everyone that goes by.  The kids in the neighborhood were used to him and my setter running to the fence and they would bark back or laugh until one day when.  Yep you guessed it, our beloved Duke came bouncing down to the fence and in his deep deep voice gave out a loud happy bark.  The looks on the faces of those kids was priceless.  They didn't laugh anymore but say "Oh S----" or something to that nature.  They weren't expecting a gentle giant to come running toward the fence and greet them. 
We have a neighbor who has triplets, she walks the babies in a stroller every day and one day I noticed they stop at our fence.  They wait for all the dogs espcially our Duker to come bounding down to greet them.  They would giggle and scream when Duke got there and everyone would laugh.  They just loved to see him.
Now Duke wasn't raised with cats but no problem.  He took to my cats like he always knew them.  He usually ignored them and they did the same toward him, it was like they had an agreement.  What a fantatic dog.
In his last few weeks he was in a lot of pain, he had cancer and it was spreading.  He lost the use of his right rear leg, that made it so very difficult for him to get up and down or climb stairs.  He struggled so much, he lost a lot of weight but he seemed to always put on a happy face.  He seemed to smile a lot more.  I never have seen a dog who just wanted to be happy and make you happy.  He tried up until his last hours to be normal, to let you know how much he loved us.  He was one of the most gentle, sweet dogs I have known.  He has created a place in my heart and will always be with me.  He will be missed so very much.  My beautiful Duke. Pets are so wonderful it so sad that their lifespan seems so short yet in dog and cat years they are older than us.  Maybe that is why he smiled so much he had insight and understanding what his humans needed.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The cell phone saga goes on

Well here we go again, I just want to warn all you, don't trust your cell phone to be there for you when you really need it. Don't just keep all your important info, like contacts or any other notes you might need later on in your phone you just may end up with nothing when you really need that info. I just got a Samsung GalaxyS11, I was so excited to have one of the newer phones that worked better than my old phone which was slowly dying. Oh! Poor fool not so. This phone is nothing but a piece of electronic junk. I started having problems a few weeks after I purchased the phone. I went by the store several time to tell them of my problems and when I mentioned at work what phone I had and a few people just gave me an OOOOHH!!, not a good sign. Took it in again to be fixed, this has been a fix or repair daily phone.  Finally it got worse so I took it in they changed the sim card said that should do it. While there 2 other people were complaining about the same phone. Well the sim card did nothing so they said they will get me a new phone, well don't believe them when they say new phone, You don't get a new phone you get a refurb, I asked why, and if there were so many refurbs, I asked why again.  Doesn't that say something about that phone.  the lady on the phone reaasured me that the refurb phones are as good as new ones, they fixed all the problems.  Yeah, and I have a bridge in my back yard that I want to sell you. The refurb comes I take it in to be prepped and turned on, I should have figured when the staff had trouble transferring the contacts and anything else, I was in trouble.
  I spent the weekend adding contacts and other information which they did not get transferred. I spent a total of 8 hours in a few days trying to get my phone to work and like I thought this morning no phone at all. Took it back to the store and sure enough they couldn't turn it on either, now I lost all the contacts and any other info because they told me all that is saved to that phone and of course we can't even turn it on. 
  So now who got the shaft on this one. To think I'm paying way to much for a cell phone and service and now I have been without service for a month or more. My family complained that I never answer my phone. The reason is the calls never came through? I am so tired of dealing with this. Again today I'm on the phone for 2 hours tryin to make a complaint about all that I have had to deal with. Oh I don't have a cell phone I using my good ole landline,  an old fashion house phone, you know the kind that actually works.
I'm now without a phone that I am paying for???? I am waiting for a new phone to come via mail.
Where is the justice and the customer value in this?  

Friday, August 17, 2012

Cell Phones

I spent a lot of this day at the phone company trying to replace my cell phone that had a life of it's own.  It is a Samsung GalaxyS11 that did some strange things all by it's self.  When I first got it, it talked to it's self all the time.  Sometimes I would hear someone talking but not know where it was coming from and what was being said so I mostly ignored it. 
Then one day at home I heard someone talking and I knew I was home alone, or was I?  The phone screen doesn't light up when it talks so you aren't aware it's your phone.  Finally after several days of someone talking I thought maybe it was the phone.  I checked all the sounds buttons and there are many on this phone.  I lowered the volume on all of them but still I could hear a voice. I decided to turn them all off and now I don't even get phone calls, or at least the phone never rings. 
My friends and family said why don't you ever answer you phone?  Well now I have to figure out which one of these slides needs to be changed.  Got it, incoming calls up volume, down media, system, notifications.  Now I know I'm ready for a great phone. 
Well not so fast.  This phone has a mind of it's own, I changed the volume and oked the changes but again family and friends say why don't you answer your phone? I checked and media is up, notification is up, system is up, incoming is up but they won't work because silent mode is now on???? Now how did that happen. Again I reset everything take off silent mode and ok everything.  Well there is no way this phone likes me because it continues to change settings all by it's self.  Not only that I have hands free in the car but it only works for a day or two then turns off. My husband said this phone is more like a Stepford Wife.  Controlled by something or someone else.
Today I went to trade it in for one that might work it only took 4 hours to get it partly set up and I'm still working on that as I speak.  What ever happened to pick it up, dial and talk.  Ring, answer and hang up.
Nothing changed by it's self.  I believe these new Andriods are possessed...